About us

This is a story that starts from nothing but a mere moment. The fuel of creativity dares to rear its dormant head at the instantaneous moment a spark flickers, a divine collision of the freedom of action sports and the expression of art. A sketch scrawled onto paper ignites rapidly, evolving from ideation, to concept, to logo, to lifestyle. Its a moment that moves like wildfire, marking 2002 as the year that the UNIT brand was born.

For over 20 years we've been doing things differently. Bold and brash, and often daring and disruptive, UNIT has moved beyond the confines of any one category to become a brand that can embody all.

The milestones and moments that shaped the brand's history are the opening pages to our story, but we're forever rewriting the script. Progression, challenge, evolution, change. Our DNA runs deep but our desire to create and innovate means we’re never standing still.

We are what is now, what is new and what is next. We’re detail driven and function-focused. We’re on this journey with you, and for you, wherever you choose to take us. From heritage in action sports and lifestyle, the brand has continued its pursuit of progression, building upon experience and technical expertise to forge future paths in new and ever-evolving categories including sports, activewear, outdoor adventure and workwear.

We embrace evolution, with emphasis on quality and sustainability to create products that stand the test of time. Our heritage and history is a driving force. We celebrate the adventure we have been on with each and every consumer, while accelerating towards an exciting future fusing culture, passion and progression.