Back-to-back BMX wins for Baldock at Monster Cup

Back-to-back BMX wins for Baldock at Monster Cup

UNIT rider Kyle Baldock fended off 11 fellow BMX heavyweights to win the Monster Cup Dirt Jam for the second year running in Las Vegas.

Last year the BMX event gave equal weight to speed, style and tricks, but this year the contest featured two separate jams: one that focused on runs and another that focused on single tricks.

Each rider rode down a towering ramp before launching off a pair of massive jumps, than had one final chance to impress the judges on a huge quarter-pipe. The first jam was a straightforward battle with the best overall run taking it all.

Baldock laid down the hammers in all three runs, but his last run—a corked 720, a 720 tailwhip, and a tailwhip-to-barspin on the quarter—gave him the uncontestable win for the second year in a row.

“I’m super psyched on the win,” said Baldock. “Thank you to Monster Energy for putting this event on; it’s one of those things that you dream about winning two in a row.”